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It’s not often that I have a chance to do in-home lifestyle newborn sessions, but when I do, I absolutely love them! You all know weddings are my jam, but it’s always nice to change it up and do something different. The Rogan family reached out to me a few months back to do a lifestyle session when their new baby daughter was born. Our kids go to the same school, and we live about two blocks from each other, so it was perfect. Scheduling newborn sessions is always interesting because we like to do them in the first 3-8 days after baby is born. And we all know babies don’t like to be held to a schedule. I’m leaving for Florida in two days for a wedding on Friday, so I was worried that baby wouldn’t get here before I left. But she arrived just in time! The Rogan’s home worked beautifully for a lifestyle session with the great light and neutral colors. We had such a great time photographing their new, beautiful baby girl, along with her three older brothers! If you’re considering a newborn lifestyle session, just do it! I wish so much that we had photos like this done when our daughter was born. They are memories to be treasured forever. | Wausau Wisconsin Newborn Photographer |
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My photography style is real, organic, and genuine. My goal is to give all of my couples not only an amazing experience, but also amazing images that will be treasured forever.


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