Early Autumn Wedding at SentryWorld | Brendan + Michaela

SentryWorld Wedding Photos_2023

Brendan + Michaela were married in early September 2018 at SentryWorld in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. SentryWorld is one of my favorite local venues. The staff is always great, and everything is on-site. Which makes it super easy for coulpes and vendors alike. Brendan + Michaela chose neutral florals of white, green, and plush pink. Their styling was classic and elegant. It was a beautiful Early Autumn Wedding at SentryWorld!

I hadn’t gotten to meet Brendan + Michaela before their wedding day. I usually meet my couples before the wedding, so I always get a little nervous when I haven’t met my coulpes (like first day of school nervous). As soon as I walked into the bridal suite and Michaela spoke, I knew instantly just how wonderful she was. She was funny and sweet from the get-go, and was one of the calmest brides I’ve ever had. Brendan was the same; easy going, funny, and sweet. I feel like I get so lucky to have such wonderful couples; even the ones I don’t meet until the day of the wedding. Brendan + Michaela had Randy from Evolutions in Design create their decor and florals. When I saw the head table centerpiece that Randy created for Brendan + Michaela, it took my breath away. I have never seen such a unique, stunning, grand centerpiece (check it out below; it’s amazing!). All the styling elements of Brendan + Michaela’s wedding were perfectly elegant.

It rained all day long on Brendan + Michaela’s wedding day. It’s always hard when it rains hard the entire day and there’s no outdoor cover in sight. But Brendan + Michaela just went with the flow. Luckily, it somehow stopped raining later in the day, and we rushed them and their bridal party outside to sneak in some photos before the rain came back. It had literally poured the entire day, so I’m still super grateful that the rain let up for a little while to allow us to capture some beautiful outdoor portraits. It was such a beautiful wedding, and we had so much fun with Brendan + Michaela.

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