Late Summer Wedding at Sundance Chalet Wausau | Brandon + Olivia

Sundance Chalet Wausau Wedding_1732

Brandon + Olivia were married in late August 2018 in Wausau, Wisconsin. They held their ceremony at St. Mary’s church in Marathon, while their reception was held at the Sundance Chalet at the base of Rib Mountain State Park. Brandon + Olivia are two of the sweetest people ever. They are genuine, kind, and full of laughter. We shot their engagement session at Schmeekle Reserve last fall. We hung out, talked about them and their plans for the wedding, and even got up close and personal with a few wild deer! Olivia filled me in on her decor plans for the wedding during their engagement session, and I knew their wedding would be just stunning. Randy from Evolutions in Design absolutely nailed Olivia’s vision of hanging wreaths and floral elegance. When I walked into the Sundance Chalet the day of their wedding, it took my breath away. I’ve shot at this venue many times in the past, but I had never seen it so exquisitely decorated. From their elevated sweetheart head table complete with tufted chairs, to the hanging floral wreaths suspended from the vaulted ceiling, to all the intricate floral details, everything was incredible. I love it when couples can take a venue space and really make it their own individual vision. Everything about Brandon + Olivia’s wedding day was meticulously planned and carefully executed. It was feminine, stylish, elegant, and unique. We absolutely loved being a part of their amazing day, and we wish them all the best for their future together!

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