Pritzlaff Milwaukee Wedding | Adam + Stephanie

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It’s that time of year again where I fall super far behind on blogging. The craziness of wedding season doesn’t allow me to keep up on it like I would prefer. But, with kids back in school, I am finally able to start playing catch up on all my late summer weddings! And you guys, they are some stunning weddings!


Adam + Stephanie were married in late July 2018. I had a chance to get to know them better when the drove to Wausau from Milwaukee for their engagement session last fall. We had great conversations, and I knew then just how wonderful they were. Adam + Stephanie chose the stunning Pritzlaff building in Milwaukee for their ceremony and reception. The Pritzlaff building is situated in Milwaukee’s historic 3rd Ward. It was originally built as the Pritzlaff Hardware Company buidling in 1857. Pritzlaff was at one time one of the largest hardware wholesalers in the United States. I love historic buildings like the Pritzlaff, and it’s always so interesting to know the back story of the venues we work at. The Pritzlaff has multiple rooms available to utilize for events. Adam + Stephanie chose the Galleria at Pritzlaff for their ceremony, and one of the larger halls for their reception. I love that the Pritzlaff has such a historic, industrial feel. It’s a very versatile space that can accommodate an array of wedding visions. Adam + Stephanie chose an elegant, classic theme for their wedding day. They opted for neutral florals, black bridesmaids gowns, and elegant vintage touches, which pulled together to create a stunning atmosphere. We spent some time at Brewhouse Inn early in the day, where Adam and the groomsmen had stayed the night before. Brewhouse Inn is also in a historic building, so we were able to use the surrounding cream brick for some of Adam + Stephanie’s formal photos. Adam + Stephanie created such a beautiful Pritzlaff Milwaukee Wedding. Their vision of classic styling was absolutely stunning mixed with the charm of historic buildings and Milwaukee’s 3rd Ward. We had the best time celebrating with Adam + Stephanie, and wish them all the best for their futures together.

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