Summer SentryWorld Wedding | Lisa + Marc

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Marc + Lisa are so incredibly adorable together. They are the kind of couple that are always giggling and smiling at each other; joking and sharing snuggles. The kind of genuine couple everyone wants to be. I really got to know them better at their engagement session in Milwaukee last year. They live in the Stevens Point area, but wanted to have their engagement session in Milwaukee. Let’s face it, Milwaukee has so many beautiful places! We chose McKinley park and Villa Terrace for their session locations. We wandered around and talked about them and their wedding plans. I knew that day that their wedding was going to be amazing and beautiful, and I couldn’t wait for the day to come! They chose SentryWorld as their reception venue, and the Noel Fine Arts Center for their ceremony. It was a gorgeous Summer SentryWorld Wedding!

SentryWorld is one of my favorite local venues. We always have great experiences when we shoot weddings their, and the staff are always so great. I love the versatility of the Great Hall, and the bridal suite is just the best! Marc + Lisa chose elegant, fine art styling for their wedding decor. Calligraphy place cards and table numbers stole the show, along with vintage brass candle holders and beautiful vases of neutral florals. Bouquets from The Flower Mill looked stunning with the neutral gowns Lisa chose for her bridesmaids. Lisa wore an amazing gown from a&bé Bridal Shop in Minnesota that she kept hidden from her bridesmaids until her first look with them. You can see her bridesmaid’s adorable reactions to seeing Lisa’s dress for the first time below.

Lisa + Marc nailed every single detail of their wedding day. They even had a friend that let them use his vintage white Corvette for some of their photos (yes, I was super excited about that!). I am so in love with everything from their invites, to the flowers, bridesmaids gowns, reception decor, the car, Lisa’s gown, and just absolutely everything! It was stunning, and such a wonderful day full of love, joy, and laughter. We are so happy for Marc + Lisa, and we wish them all the best for the future!

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