Kevin + Taylor | Early Summer Rothschild Pavilion Wedding

Rothschild Pavilion Wedding_0913

Kevin + Taylor are so super sweet. They are one of those genuine couples that complement each other so well. I first met Kevin + Taylor when they booked a Holiday Mini Session with me back in late 2016. Not long after their mini sessions, Taylor contacted me to be their wedding photographer. I was so honored. We shot their engagement session in the home in Mosinee, and it was the cutest ever! I love in-home lifestyle engagement sessions. They are always unique due to the couple’s home décor style and the feel of their home.

Kevin + Taylor were married at the Rothschild Pavilion in mid-June 2018. The Pavilion is one of my favorite Central Wisconsin venues. It is a very versatile, large, open space that can be customized to each individual couples’ style. Kevin + Taylor chose a classic theme for their wedding day. They decorated the Pavilion in elegant black and gold. Taylor wore a beautiful trumpet gown, and her bridesmaids wore classic black gowns. Kevin and his groomsmen wore black suits. Everything was very elegant and matched the space perfectly. It was the perfect Early Summer Rothschild Pavilion wedding. We had a wonderful time with Kevin + Taylor, and their super sweet and funny wedding party. We wish them all the best for their futures together!

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