Erin + Nicklous | Jefferson Street Inn Spring Wedding

Jefferson Street Inn Wedding

I just totally love Erin + Nick. There, I said it. Seriously though, they are both such sweet people with such positive outlooks on life. I got to know them better during their engagement session this past fall at Central Waters Brewery. I love that they opted for something a bit different than a traditional engagement session. While chatting during their engagement session, Erin told me that day was the 5 year anniversary of her brain tumor removal. I was just in awe at her story. Little did I know that a few months later, Erin would be comforting and advising me on my own journey with a brain tumor. I firmly believe that Erin was brought into my life for a reason, and that reason has been for me to see how one can keep on living after a brain tumor diagnosis. Erin has shown me that this diagnosis isn’t the end; it isn’t something to mope about or to let control my life. She has been a real-life support, and offers advise freely. Her surgeon even came to their wedding, where Erin thanked him during her speech for giving her the chance to keep living (yes, I cried). Like I said, they are amazing people.

Erin + Nick held both their ceremony and reception at the Jefferson Street Inn. I love the versatility of the ballroom at Jefferson. The day before Erin + Nick’s wedding, we had actually shot another wedding in the same ballroom. But both couples were able to customize the ballroom to their own unique tastes, so it was two completely unique weddings just 12 hours apart in the same location. Same room, but so different. I love venues with that type of versatility. Erin + Nick chose fresh spring greenery and white florals with succulents for their wedding decor. You all know I adore succulents. They are just the sweetest, most adorable little plants. Erin + Nick created a lovely dessert table with personalized cookies and all sorts of different treats. Erin wore a stunning lace gown, and her bridesmaids wore yellow chiffon gowns. Yellow isn’t a color I see often at weddings, but I love the ways Erin + Nick included it in their wedding. It was so spring like and refreshing. Such a lovely Jefferson Street Inn Spring Wedding! I loved working with Erin + Nick so much, and I’m sad that their wedding day has come and gone. It was such a blast, and we wish them all the best for their futures together.

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