Mandi + Marshall | Glamorous Rothschild Pavilion Wedding

Mandi + Marshall chose the beautiful Rothschild Pavilion for their glamorous late May wedding. I first got to meet Mandi + Marshall at their engagement session last year. They love the Wisconsin Badgers, so it was only appropriate that they chose Camp Randall Stadium in Madison for their engagement session. I had never been to Camp Randall before, so it was a really great experience. We love being able to travel to new places and shooting unique sessions!

Mandi + Marshall picked an elegant, glamorous theme for their special day. Glittering linens on the head table were paired with tall vases of floating candles, while the guest tables were a mix of towering floral vases and candles with navy linens. Springtime florals of blush and white matched perfectly with their stunning decor. The ceremony space was decorated with large vases of overflowing florals and tall floating candles, while the aisle was lined in rose petals. They created a dream ceremony and reception space that was so incredibly beautiful. Mandi wore a gorgeous strapless gown, while Marshall wore a dapper grey suit accented with a blush tie. The bridesmaids wore navy, and the groomsmen wore grey.

It rained literally all day long on Mandi + Marshall’s wedding day; and I mean it poured. But they took it all in stride. They were so easy going and fun to celebrate with. We ended up shooting the majority of the wedding party and bride + groom formals inside the Pavilion. We were lucky that after dinner, the rain slowed to a sprinkle, so we rushed Mandi + Marshall outside for a few very quick shots with each other before the first dances started. The best part of their wedding photos for me are these few outdoor shots; and here’s why. Even though it had rained all day, and the weather was miserable, they were just so incredibly happy. They didn’t let anything come between them and their celebration of love. And these few outdoor shots really show all the joy they shared on their beautiful day in spite of the rain. They laughed and giggled together, and their love is just so apparent. They are truly and inspiration and the definition of what love looks like. We wish them all the best for their future together! Keep on smiling guys!

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