Heather + TJ | Sundance Chalet Wausau Wedding

I have known Heather + TJ since around 2004. We were young adults in the same group of friends for many years. I always remember Heather + TJ being the ones in our group that had been together seemingly forever. They had a love that stood the tests of time. We fell out of touch for a few years. But when Heather contacted me in 2015 to shoot their wedding, I was so excited! Two people that have been together since their teens were finally getting married, and I was honored that I would get to be a part of their long-awaited wedding day. It was a beautiful Sundance Chalet Wausau Wedding that we loved being a part of!

Heather + TJ chose rich fall colors for their wedding styling. Deep marsala and orange were stunning in their flowing florals. Heather’s bridesmaids wore marsala gowns, and TJ and his groomsmen wore dark gray suits. It rained almost all day the day of the wedding. We got a small break in the rain after the ceremony, so we took Heather + TJ outside for a few outdoor formals. Luckily the church had a small area of trees along the back of the property. It just goes to show that we don’t need extravagant locations to get beautiful images! We got another break in the rain later in the day, so we were able to get a few outdoor images of the wedding party as well. I’m glad the rain let up a little, because everyone looked so great and we really wanted to get some outdoor images with the fall colors.

It was great being able to reminisce with old friends, and to see two people that I’ve known for so long commit their lives to each other. Heather + TJ’s wedding was such a beautiful celebration of love, family, and friendship.
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