Chicago Wedding Photographer | Jeffrey + Patricia

Jeffrey + Patricia were married in Chicago in early September. Chicago is about 4.5 hours from Wausau, so it was a little road trip adventure for us; but we love to travel! Jeffrey + Patricia planned a lovely early fall wedding with deep marsala and blue colors. Their ceremony was held at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the heart of Chicago. Holy Trinity is a Polish Cathedral style church, and let me tell you, it is absolutely breathtaking. Holy Trinity was built in 1905. The architecture of the building combines multiple styles, which make it an amazing sight to behold. It is reminiscent of the middle ages, and stepping inside almost makes you feel that you’ve stepped back in time. It is definitely one of the most ornate, stunning churches we have had the pleasure of seeing. One of the most interesting things about Holy Trinity is that is has catacombs beneath it; a rarity in US churches. The history and uniqueness of the church was so memorable. These are the things that make me love being a Chicago Wedding Photographer!

Jeffery + Patricia chose the Chicago Botanical Garden for their formals images. If you haven’t been to the Chicago Botanical Garden, it is definitely worth seeing. Situated on 385 acres, the garden has over 30 separate gardens and natural areas. It opened in 1972 and has the largest membership of any Botanic garden in the U.S. It is so lovely, and has so many beautiful opportunities for photography.

The reception was held at the Mirage at Four Points by O’Hare International. They decorated the venue with rich marsala and deep blues throughout. It was so vibrant and elegant. Patricia is of Polish heritage, and is also a professional dancer. During their reception, her dance group performed some traditional Polish dances for everyone to enjoy. It was so interesting to watch. Their wedding was so unique in so many ways, and we absolutely loved being a part of it!

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