Heather + TJ’s Spring Session | Moody Wisconsin Engagement Photography

I’ve known Heather + TJ for more than 10 years. And they’ve been together far longer than even those 10 years. And I’ve never known such a strong couple. They have stood next to each other through the best and worst times. These two are amazing, and I’m lucky to call them my friends. We fell out of touch for a few years, which happens when you start adulting. But then Heather reached out to me after TJ proposed, asking me to photograph their wedding. And of course I couldn’t have been more excited that they asked me! And I had the best time hanging out and catching up with them during their Moody Wisconsin Engagement session.

It’s crazy to think about how young and wild we were back in the day. In our early 20’s, we could conquer the world. Nothing held us back, and everything was fun. We’ve grown so much since that time in our lives. Grown up, grown in our relationships, in love, and in life. I was honored to be able to photograph Heather + TJ’s maternity session in late 2015 when Heather was pregnant with their amazingly adorable twins. You can see my all time favorite shot from their session here.

I am so incredibly excited for Heather + TJ’s wedding day. Not only do I get to witness these two people that I’ve know for so many years make a lifelong commitment to each other, but I also get to connect with so many people that I’ve not seen in years. It’s going to be such an amazing day, and I can’t wait! They will be married in October 2017 in the Wausau, Wisconsin area.

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